Breaking digital frontiers |

Breaking digital frontiers

As we continually tackle new digital projects, we find we’re doing more and more mobile application development.

Broadly speaking, for us this means applications whose primary mode of access are tablet PCs like the iPad, or smartphones or any of the other devices that are beginning to emerge. Make no mistake, in the same way as you have seen cameras and watches converge into your mobile phone, so too will we see further convergence of multiple “uses” onto various devices. 

The emergence of the Microsoft Surface as a touch tablet PC with keyboard using an ARM processor (typically one used for mobiles to prolong battery life) is a striking move which may herald a wholesale evolution in how laptops develop over the next few years.

Books have merged into Kindle, which has itself evolved into the Kindle Fire HD, a device destined not just for books but also for games and streaming multimedia. Amazon has an extraordinary line of products to sell with its companies including Love Film and Audible. And Amazon are clearing selling these at a low price point with the intention of making profit on the increase in digital sales.

Mobile application development is about a whole lot more than games and books. We’re actively exploring how we can use technology to improve business productivity – from making it easier for sales teams to collect and deliver data into company databases, to reporting mechanisms which aggregate data from many places in a company (both human input and machine information) to provide board directors with global views and visualisations of what is happening in their company (see our data visualisation software page)

This is not just about making information look pretty – it’s about seeing information in new and faster ways, and spotting patterns. Information is what drives decision making at the highest levels in business. And the most up to date information, visualised in ways which make it more accessible and easy to spot patterns, delivers a decisive advantage to those wanting to make better decisions.

We’ve got ideas about what the next 10 years in business will bring. We’re riding the crest of a digital wave which is going to bring exciting new developments which we are only just beginning to explore (2014: Oculus Rift).Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you case studies and white papers of projects we have developed for other companies who had ideas and problems to solve and asked us to deliver them solutions. And we hope they’ll give you a much better idea of what’s possible in terms of mobile application development.

In the meantime, if you have a problem you want to solve using mobile applications, call us. Reactor15 is a company that loves solving problems (in web design, marketing or mobile applications) elegantly using the technology already available to us now.

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