Cheap web design is a false economy

When marketing budgets get squeezed, it’s only natural that people start searching for “value” options in the web design arena. The problem with web design is that it’s very hard for business owners to judge the real value of what they are getting. And once they’ve understood the real cost of cheap web design, it’s often too late to do anything about it. The money has been spent and lost. Trust is damaged. The business doesn’t make the sales it needs to fund more marketing.

So I want to offer some advice to anyone considering a redesign – without any of the technical stuff getting in the way.

If your website looks like it was built in an afternoon, it probably was, and customers will instinctively know that too. 

All your customer can ever judge you on is your marketing. If your website looks like you’ve cut too many corners, they’ll assume that’s the way you run your business. You can’t blame the customer for making that connection, and of course the design is not the same as the service you’re offering. But what customers are judging by, is their overall impression of the business. Cheap design looks cheap and speaks of a business that doesn’t invest in itself or seem committed to being there in the long term. And that raises trust issues.

Cheap website design contains hidden costs

It’s my opinion that cheap website designers would love to charge the same as bigger agencies. They can’t, because they’re not as good. If you were really getting the same service, the agency or individual would have the courage of their convictions and be able to sell themselves at the going market rate. When they can’t because of a lack of expertise, the only way they can do it is to slash costs, expertise and service. Decisions you make on price could be at the cost of search engine results, valuable marketing advice and strategy as well as technical craftsmanship.

Cheap websites are often poor value

The purpose of a website is to bring you business. Poor websites just don’t convert traffic into customers in the same way.

You choose…

At the end of the day, we can’t tell you what to choose. But do your research, ask questions. Talk to people. And most particularly, ask an expert what you’re NOT getting if you go down the route of cheap web design.

Technology can do tremendous things, but it still requires care, thought, attention, knowledge an expertise. And if a cheap web design company could really offer you all that, why would they sell themselves short?

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