SEO in Exeter

SEO rankings earned, not given

The core of our SEO agency activity is in understanding how potential buyers (not just visitors) search for you and then using a variety of SEO strategies in our toolbox to help you earn the long term search engine rankings you want to deserve.

Great search engine optimisation is about doing the right things to deserve a higher ranking in search engines.

Weekly SEO reporting

High rankings mean sales and lead generation opportunities. So you want to know exactly where you rank.

You want to know where your competitors rank too. Who's linking to you. And how effective your social media is.

We deliver all this and more in a single, industry leading SEO report, sent to you by email every week. 

Ways to optimise

We can help you in a number of ways according to the requirements of your business and website.

  • Monthly SEO consultancy
  • One-off overhauls
  • Website copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Traffic analysis
  • Link analysis & recommendations
  • Technical site improvements

We know not everybody understands SEO. Nor do many want to. We explain everything in plain English so you understand exactly what we're doing.

Google & Bing

Google dominates the search engine market capturing more than 90% of UK searches. Our SEO work primarily focuses on rankings in this search engine.

Bing, combined with Yahoo! account for about 7% of search engine rankings. It is often a secondary consideration, but well worth looking at once you have optimised for Google.


We use "white hat" techniques that focus on quality content, keyword and audience research, and natural link building. This is important. Google is good at spotting websites that use techniques that attempt to fool the search engines into giving an undeserved ranking. We stringently avoid any such techniques which try to game the system. We believe in honest optimisation. 

Keyword research

Why spend years optimising for a saturated niche where you've got a rat's chance in hell of ranking ? In today's heavily competitive marketplaces, we may be able to find you profitable, relatively untapped niches that bring you business at a lower overall cost. Sometimes the best way forward is not to follow the crowd!

Content marketing

Content marketing is about providing the kind of information that customers are looking for when they research products and services online. For a website to work effectively, it needs to reflect the overall content strategy clearly, and speak to the seach queries and keywords which customers are using. By providing interesting and engaging product content, visitors stay longer and are more likely to buy from you.

Find out more

We know it's a complex subject. That's precisely why we are here to help.

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